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If you are having a fashion event that you think fashionledge.com should know about, please fill out the form below and tell us about it.The more information you give the better informed we will be about the event as well as make the necessary arrangements. Also Please take a look at the services we offer!

Our Services

Fashion show production

Let our team work with you to produce your upcoming fashion show. We can provide model training, stage production, stage building, lighting, DJ's and we can also help you find the designers needed to fit the theme of your show.


Our team of photographers will photograph your event, provide you with a cd of all the pictures taken as well as post the pictures in our campus style section or the runway mix


Our Videographer will video the event, provide you with 2 copies of the video and we will post a video clip of the event on fashionledge.com

Contact person for this show: