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November 2014 Issue
Channel Your Inner Koodoo

Channel Your Inner Koodoo

We had a chat with Rikers / VP of Marketing and Kyle Cho / Operations Manager of Koodoo, a nascent brand that is raising a lot of eyebrows. This is a masculine brand with tribal inspirations that draw from the brand’s namesake: kudu. Kudu are African deer that have enormous horns and are known for bravery and leadership. The deer will fight back against predators to protect the group.

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JSong...Way Spring 2015: Journey of a Modern Goddess
Way Zen showcased a young and city-chic collection for spring 2015 which she titled Journey of a Modern Goddess.
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Men and women can enjoy the L'Occitane's Eaux de Cologne Collection layered with floral and citrus essences.
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