Since leaving Ports 1961, Tia Cibani has moved on to debut her very own label for spring, having left the former to sis Fiona. This branding seems to have a little more fluidity to it and the message is a bit more artsy than Ports' crafty, not to say that the comparison need exist, simply something that is noticeable off the bat. Aroused by the novel/film "The Lover" - the collection evokes era-specific sentiments in parallel, but gives an update with modernizations along the way. Masculine touches with wide-leg trousers, khakis and fedoras were sweetened with printed dresses and striped ensembles. A mostly dark against light color palette was enlivened with canary and cantaloupe hues. A metallic sheen, and full on lame pieces were richly suggestive and added some sass to the more covered-up components. From the looks of things, it's safe to say we're anticipating watching this designer develop into her own true calling.