Fusha fuses together the synergy between music and fashion…I witnessed the quiet storm of this merger. Powerful Caribbean designs combined with the aesthetics of the modern woman. Colors in Regal purples, contagious and sensuous reds, Forrest green, caramel with burgundy speckled with gold embroidery, wheat colored suits for men Launched in 2001, the Fusha collection offers a new category for the fashion industry. Fusha surprised the audience with a refreshing outlook on eveningwear; every piece would catch the eye with anticipation of the next look. Often heard were ohhs and ahhs Maria Claudinette Pierre-Jean, wife of Wyclef Jean, innovative fashion ideas were by far the best of the season at New York’s Fashion week. Her celebrity clientele includes Mary J. Blige, Kelly Price, Whitney Houston and Ja Rule, and of course hip-hop mogul's