DeHoghton Fall 2007

DeHoghton Philosophy:
1. We are not inspired by rock and roll -- we are rock and roll, and it is instilled in our jeans, tees and leathers.
2. We believe in “good energy” and “good Karma.”
3. We believe in the aesthetic of “Made to be Destroyed”™. We pay homage to the vintage roots and old time craftsmanship that are the heritage of our products.

· Meaning of the Icon: The DeHoghton icon reflects our life view. Our version is a male dragon and female dragon forming a circle by biting each others tails. They represent the cyclical nature of things, the eternal cycle of renewal, creation out of destruction, Life out of Death.

· This DeHoghton denim collection features waistbands and pockets trimmed in velvet, brass hardware with a Patina finish, and a poem they call “Generating Altruism” which they print on the interior right leg.
· The Men’s denim fits range from Boot Cut to Cigarette leg and sizes run from 24 to 32. Styles include Black Denim, Black and Grey Corduroy, and three shades of Indigo.
· Women’s sizes run from 24 to 32 and aside from the denim and corduroy Boot Cut and Cigarette leg styles, the line also includes a leather skirt and pants.
· Jeans will retail from $195 to $295 and special items may go up to $500. Exclusive leather jackets will range from $975 to $1500.
· Tops include hoodies, tanks and tees . Sizes run from XS-L. The tanks and tees retail between $59-$79 and the hoodies between $120-$180.
· The clothes are crafted and infused with great energy, great quality, and great aesthetic.

· Michael Houghton (note surname spelling differs from company spelling) still designs one of a kind pieces for Rock and Roll Royalty. DeHoghton refers to this couture line as “Rock Punk Couture.” These unique pieces can range anywhere between $1,500 -$25,000.

For more info:
584 Broadway, Suite 907
New York, N.Y., 10012
Showroom: P (212) 561.5850
F (646)224.8477

Public Relations: THINK PR (212) 343.3920