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Mackage  NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

Fashion Ledge - Mackage
Mackage Fall 2010

The Mackage collection offered a futuristic Jetsons-style take on looks inspired by aviation apparel and classic American sportswear, with a few fresh updates to classic formalwear. The mod dress was re-invented in neutral color tones and with more subdued embellishment in monochromatic shades, and was entirely body-conscious. The Amelia Earhart influence was prevalent in leather bomber jackets with sleek profiles, exaggerated necklines, and breezy trousers.

Leather detailing on elbow patches and trim pieces lent a rugged feel, and hide paired with fur trim were the accent pieces of choice. A hooded jacket included a zipper dividing up to the tip of the hood, much like standard Air Force fur lined military jackets. The color palette reminded one a bit of that film, The Rocketeer ; or perhaps something even tawnier and windswept.

Military detailing was also prevalent on a long wool coat that looked like a standard issue uniform for a high ranking Russian military officer. Or perhaps an American soldier from the 1700's. The most interesting silhouette was a pair of looser fitting leather shorts and a hooded tuxedo jacket. This was a sleek, fresh update and a cheeky approach to formalwear. For the men, the most interesting item was a leather legging. This teamed with the ubiquitous ruff front shirts (Yves Saint Laurent meets V-necked Continental Army member) suggests to that George Washington himself may be the muse of the season for Mackage. Revolution, anyone?

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photography by Publicist
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