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4 Corners Of a Circle  New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Fashion Ledge - 4 Corners Of a Circle
The emerging womenswear collection 4 Corners of a Circle, designed by Natsuko Kanno, debuted their signature brand of chic Japanese fusion breakthrough at EYEBEAM, 540 West 21st Street, NYC.

As a native of Japan, Natsuko Kanno, deeply inspired by the cultural traditions of her homeland, weaves Japanese elements into her designs. For Spring 2013, Kanno looks to Tanabata, the Japanese star festival, which is a powerful love story of ancient deities. In modern times, Tanabata is a celebration of hope and love, where one can see written wishes and poems hanging on trees and ornaments throughout the country. How would the wishes from those in Tokyo differ from those in New York City? Inspired by cultural differences in the world around her, Kanno's philosophical inquiries about life are creatively expressed through her collections.

This is Kanno's third season bringing 4 Corners of a Circle to the runways during New York's Fashion Week. As a protege of acclaimed designer Doo.ri, Kanno is widely recognized for her talent with silk-screen techniques and original artwork.Kanno is poised to be a serious player with her asian-inspired collection that evokes sheer femininity with a cool minimalistic sensibility.
On the runway for Spring 2013, romance is in the air, yet the sweetness is subtle, juxtaposed with an architectural edge.Kanno's collection reflects this ethereal effect with her original galaxy prints of floating stars, seen in various dimensions, floating on sheer flamingo pink menswear shirts, chic wide-cuffed shorts, slate gray car coats, and silk hakama shorts in bright cobalt blue. Kanno had fun playing with fabrics this season for an effortlessly chic effect. A mossy waffle mesh kimono jacket flows over a two-tone knit and silk tank, paired with canary yellow mesh leather short shorts. The oversized cream wide lapel trench vest is worn over a sheer menswear-inspired blouse with textured galaxy shorts. Natsuko Kanno's signature silk crepe hakama pants in slate gray, flow beautifully on the body with a sexy deconstructed backless sky blue kimono blouse.

The acclaimed Japanese beauty brand Shiseido created the make-up for the Spring 2013 collection. Bold jewelry by Christine J. Brandt created from exotic hardwood and gemstone crystals adorned models on the runway.

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