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Shamask  New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Fashion Ledge - Shamask
Multiple segments to the spring collection: neutrals gone goddess, punches of primary, and textured fabrics favored in black. Simply draped dresses in fawn got glam with gold foil treatments. Smooth silhouettes in vibrant hues make a timeless statement with sheath dresses and tent-like layers.

Think: more modernized and daring with plunging necklines and tactfully placed often incognito pockets. Fabric got some scrunched-up treatment adding interest to structure, and sometimes sheer layers. Clean lines and a casual attitude for women with a few men for Zen, set for spring with board flip-flops all around.

Company Agenda
107 Grand Street #7S
New York, NY 10013
Written by: Sarah A. Freiseis
Photos: Publicist
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