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Zero Maria Cornejo  NY Fashion Week Fall 2009

Fashion Ledge - Zero Maria Cornejo
Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall/Winter 2009

Futurism, androgyny, and the “joys” in life summed the theme of Zero + Maria Cornejo’s ready-to-wear fall '09. Inspired by an archive of personal photographs, Cornejo abstracts her collection with jewel-toned prints, variations of black leather and angular cuts. Snug, fitted hoods provide curves and contrast to the tailored points on her high-collared coats.

Further differentiations come in the form of draped silk frocks or tartan mohair blanket jackets. Overall, Cornejo astounded the audience with her variety, offering both the practical and conceptual with the styled grace of a master designer.

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Written by: Franco Emiliano
Photos: Theano Nikitas
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