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Mara Hoffman  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Mara Hoffman
Mara Hoffman Fall 2007 Collection

Mara Hoffman is all about prints people…vibrant, remarkable, fun prints. Season after season the prints become more and more prominent. Sure there are a few woven numbers thrown into the mix, but the printed jersey ensembles are truly her forte. More specifically it’s the hand and the drape of the silk jersey that evokes romanticism within the silhouettes. Pair that with some funky prints, and an exotic appeal is generated almost immediately. It’s no wonder that the models looked so easy-breezy strutting down the runway… feeling feminine without all the frill.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. The red fish open sleeve bit and the blue fish twist front mini, both in silk jersey are among top picks from the collection. Other favorites include the little green tree printed dress, and the gold coin printed dress. Although I tended to overlook many of the woven pieces, simply due to the overwhelming presence of gorgeous prints, a few ensembles did catch my attention. Several looks stylishly paired rigid leather pieces, mostly harnesses, with fluid wrap dresses, which captured an edginess that is difficult to create.

Its evident Mara has many followers, especially considering that when I surveyed the crowd I spied countless show attendees sporting Hoffman’s printed pieces. When someone show’s up wearing something from the line it says, “not only do I appreciate the designer’s work, I am personally endorsing it, and hey…don’t I look fabulous?” If that’s not an homage…I don’t know what is.

For more info:
People’s Revolution
62 Grand Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Contact: Kelly Cutrone or Huilian Ma
Phone: 212-274-0400
FAX: 212-274-0448

Written by: Sarah Freiseis
Photos: Publicist
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