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delaCav  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - delaCav
delaCav Spring 2007

Fuego y alma - - fire and soul - - that is easiest way to describe delaCav’s handcrafted bootwear. Designer Christine de la Garza drew inspiration for the collection from her Tex-Mex heritage. She lived on the tip of the South Texas border where, as she puts it, “culture is neither purely Texan nor Mexican.” She recalls taking trips with her papa where he would get his boots specially made. “It was a whole ritual,” she adds. She has been in love with boot making ever since.

Her boots run the gamut in colors from whites to healthy blues or that rattlesnake pigment that is an amalgam of rich earth colors. My absolute favorites were the ones she wore: a fiery red with a rigid pointed toe. This pair evoked desire, confidence and a sense of entitlement. The collection is moderately priced for designer boots with a starting price point of $600.

For more information:
Phone: 516.263.9686
FAX: 631.614.3907


Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Jaub Brooks
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