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Feral Childe  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - Feral Childe
Feral Childe Spring/ Summer 2007

FERAL CHILDE’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection TRANS-SIBERIA EXPRESS is inspired by the legendary 7,000-mile railway journey across Russia to the Sea of Japan. These clothes for the quick-change artist travel from dusk to dawn, nimbly pack to nothing and spring unscathed from suitcases and pocketbooks. Crinkled gauze, lamé, distressed leather and rainproof nylon are embellished with signature Feral Childe details such as limited edition ‘diamonds’ and amber chunks of cast-resin. The collection also debuts textile prints created from Feral Childe’s treasury of sketchbook drawings and travel diaries.

FERAL CHILDE was raised by wolves. It is the wild-haired collaboration of Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu, Brooklyn artists with a common affinity for continually reinventing their everyday selves through dress. Feral Childe cobbles together fanciful clothes from fabric, leather, and studio-detritus, adapting art-making processes for renegade sewing techniques. The resulting garments flaunt playful silhouettes and curiously elegant tailoring. Feral Childe was raised by wolves, but finished at Wellesley and Yale, and knows how to curtsey nicely when pressed.

For more information:
Black & White Fashion
32-36 Little W 12th
NY NY 10014
Phone: 1-646-290-6863

Written by: Adrienne Elder
Photos: Evens Lamour
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