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JSong Way  NY Fashion Week Fall 2009

Fashion Ledge - JSong Way
Jsong...Way Fall 2009

An Ode to the Jsong…Way of life

Because all things are possible by hand
(with hand-sewn and deft craftsmanship)

Because all things are possible by hand
(with chic embroidery and embellishments)

One can see the dualities of life
(a black/gray reversible wool coat)

And at times the impossible is witnessed
(like gentle wind cradled in an eyelash –
Like the unity of five collections at once)

One is comfortable with the old motifs
(peek-a-boo cutouts and chic floral imagery)

And yet the shift of newness is undeniable
(like witnessing a babe’s first slippery kiss –
Sexy tulip skirts, organza smocks and ponchos)

One reaches a summit and reflects for a moment
(digs deep within and then genuflects in awe -
There is divinity here: subtle, earthbound, necessary)

One retreats with very calculated paces…
(this moment was never really meant to be owned –
It belongs to the nomad, the entitled, the loved)

One hears music in the forest – children perhaps
(One reaches for a French blue silk cardigan –
Wraps it around and sleeps - undisturbed )

Because all things are possible by hand
(One dreams a lonely dream –
About harmony in a discordant universe)

JSong International
Contact: Edward Kwang
Phone: 212-736-1189
FAX: 212.736.1686
499 Seventh Floor, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018


Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Publicist
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