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JSong Way  NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

Fashion Ledge - JSong Way
JSong...Way Spring 2011: Earth Joy

I am hurled into another reality with each Jsong and...Way collection. For spring 2011, I imagined the medley of a walk on the beach, without sandals of course - - two lovers sharing a moment that has yet to be meaningful. But it is all there: the sunset, azure water, soft gestures and the timeless clothing that she wears, making memory easier for me.

She originally wore a red linen embroidered dress before ditching it for a brisk swim. And then afterwards, she settled into a spicy orange linen dress with embroidered lace - - her tantalizing waist is accentuated by a pencil thin belt while the vibrant color adds mystery to her eyes and hair. She likes that this dress will transition well when we have dinner or cocktails, whatever we desire.

I remember that before we got on the plane, she made me choose one outfit for her to wear to brunch and I can't wait to see the pink linen lace dress, which is sophisticated in a simple way and gives her a youthful vibrancy.

I suppose I should tell her that, for me, she always entices me when she seems comfortable in sporty clothing like her blueberry linen shorts, which she wore the night I knew she was an obsession, on a night the moon was the brightest I have ever seen. She is an understated artistic masterpiece and while I ogle her, I thank the planet that I can inhale her into my existence, if only for a moment...

Jsong International Inc.
499 Seventh Avenue
2nd Floor South
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212.736.1189

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Publicist
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