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Linda Loudermilk  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Linda Loudermilk
Linda Loudermilk Fall 2007: Luxury Eco

Socially conscious art is at the heart of Linda Loudermilk’s ’07 collection. The collection infuses eco designs with luxe, hence the title sponsor: Lexus and its Lexus Hybrid Living initiative. The collection’s beat is a human one, a human rhythm - - one literally senses the lightness of the human spirit trying to create a space for itself in this seemingly moribund world.

Loudermilk fulfills this promise of a new dawn by using colors found in a polar bear’s iceberg laden habitat (perhaps to remind us how beautiful the world we are destroying really is). Collection colors include majestic ice blues and dark ash and the ubiquitous rainbow. Faux fur enhances the eveningwear. Who knew eco-luxe could be sexy too: a black slinky gown with penguin train in duchess silk was simply charming. But in the end, the coats were breathless, sleek and elegant. Eco-design has a new fan.

Editor Picks:
Polar bear volume coat
Ice blue falling floor length train coat
Dark ash suit with cube bustle

For more info:
Abbie Britton
Marketing Director/ Loudermilk Inc.
Phone: 323.233.8111

People’s Revolution
Phone: 212.274.0400
Attn: Robyn Berkley/ Huilian Ma

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Evens Lamour
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