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Brian Wood  NY Fashion Week Spring 2008

Fashion Ledge - Brian Wood
Brian Wood Spring 08: African Warlord

In this era of acquisitions and mergers, we should bring up the discussion of the designer Brian Wood. No, kids, don't fret, it's not that Wood's line has been merged or acquired, but that his vision is a merger. Brian Wood continues to function as a fashion conduit, merging everyday street fashion effortlessly into conceptual (tailored) menswear.

This season's inspiration was the "African Warlord." Where in past seasons, Wood had taken us on his inspirational journey blatantly, he comes into his own this season with a more mature collection, focused on clean cuts and construction. Wood's "African Warlord" paired subtle/obvious references of the African continent with elements foreign to the native soil. His collection struck the balance between editorial/conceptual and then marketable.

An avant-gaurdian of sorts, Wood's spring 08 collection played the commercial strings, but still in an ultimately non-conformist way. In season's past, Wood showed no regard for the seasons trends, cuts or colors. However, here we see Brian Wood commenting on the seasons trends, pantones, etc, but still not buying into de riguer dictates of the industry.

With the self-funded Brian Wood's, 6th season under wraps, it leaves us asking the question: what more? We ponder and contemplate, but maybe like his new collection Brian Wood's spirit is like an African Warlord: exuberant and at the same time brilliant!

Editor Picks:
-tuxedo v-pleated s/s cotton shirt
-laminated nylon poncho
-overdyed red seer-sucker sports jacket w/ trench coat yoke & detailing
-2 way zipper trench coat with faux belt loops

Brian Wood

Written by: Asanti Austin
Photos: Raymond Taylor
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