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Yeohlee  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - Yeohlee
Yeohlee Spring 2007

Spring ‘07 collections in New York emphasized many things: volumes to a degree, a lack of indulgence, femininity, softness and beauty. This is where Yeohlee differs. The collection shown in a raw and unfinished upper floor suite, in some ways was ironic, since the collection was inspired by Rudolph Schindler's architecture and a an exhibit at MOCA LA, Skin & Bones:Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture.

As a way to infuse and contrast what designers and architects do "both [clothing and building] are based on the body, provide shelter, and are means of projecting identity." Yeohlee's clean collection of mostly white reinterpreted Schindlers work on "the integration of interior space and exterior space using complex interlocking volumes and strongly articulated sections."

Dresses were presented in volume, with articulate cuts and innovative forms. There were hints of minimalism here, strongly contrasted by the architectural elements. Absent from the collection, was the sound system and audio controller- here we were drawn to a drummers melodic beats as he pounded ferociously on the drums. Piping and careful attention to garment finishes added an additional element of surprise to an already stunning collection.

Editors picks:

- vintage iron embro catenary dress
- white wide wale cotton ovoid dress

Excerpts from Brook Hodge curator of MOCA Los Angeles, commenting on the Skin & Bones:Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture.

Written by: Asanti Austin
Photos: Evens Lamour
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