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GOTTEX  NY Fashion Week Spring 2005

Fashion Ledge - GOTTEX

Big Diamonds + Tiny Swimsuits

Gottex by Gideon Oberson

This year’s show has a color palette, which includes shades of white, fuschia, green, black and silver – representing traditional colors that can suit just about anyone. At the show, Gideon joins VIVID Collection and adds some shine and shimmer to his already stunning collection. How much shimmer? Well Over 30 Million Dollars worth!

To further bring the collection’s influence to the U.S., Swarovski Crystals has provided Gideon Oberson with gorgeous crystals to design and adorn each woman’s face on the runway. These one-of a kind crystals are one of Gideon’s ultimate runway accessory.

Models, including Ines Rivero, Ana Claudia, Petra and Katerina Scola wearing the latest in swimwear by Gottex and over 500 carats of Vivid Collection Diamonds -including a one –of-a –kind swimsuit covered with over $18 Million dollars worth of diamonds.

Gideon Oberson comments on his collection by saying, “This year’s swimwear line was inspired by golf; the art of golf and it’s involvement with today. I have used colors of many different hues. There is a forest collection, with leaves and greenery, along with a sexier line with an oriental influence.”

The finale of the show features “The Bride,” a show stopping hand sewn fitted fishtail gown. This creation features circles and circles of hand-applied diamonds, making up the entire bust area. The diamonds are topped by a pear-shaped flawless Golconda Diamond- one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world!

Vivid Collection is providing several millions of dollars worth of jewelry to adorn the 2005 Gottex Collection by Gideon Oberson.

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Photographed by C. Yohance Deloatch
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