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Raika D.  NY Fashion Week Fall 2004

Fashion Ledge - Raika D.
On February 7th at 1 PM at The Atelier in Bryant Park, Raika D. will launch her Fall/Winter
2004 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

Raika's inspiration came unexpectedly on a rainy Saturday afternoon, while she was relaxing on
her porch in Modena, Italy. After a tumultuous storm of lightning flashes and crackling thunder,
the sky parted, and suddenly embraced with magnificent colors. Raika exclaimed, <</ was in
such awe of the intense colors and energy of the stormy sky, I felt moved to express such
splendor in my Fall/Winter 2004 collection."
Designer Raika D. has again created a luxurious collection that stems from a woman's vigor and
zest. Extravagant fabrications like taffeta and silk velvet exude a woman's femininity. Famous
for knitwear, Raika D. promises us innovative designs in cashmere and mohair. Handcrafted
lace trim and inserts romanticize, electrifying colors add the elements of renaissance. Tense hues
of acid green, deep violet, and midnight blue define a bold and brazen persona.

• Acid green satin Chinese brocade skirt with drawstring chenille sweater
• Midnight blue lace insert top with stand up collar and parachute ribbon tie pants
• Violet taffeta skirt with lace drape and cardigan bustier with shredded wool fringe
Designer Raika D. is not only set apart with her flair to create cutting edge sultry designs, she
also has her United States distributor to thank for his keen business savvy. Carmine Di Sarno is
the President ofltalia Elegante, Raika's exclusive Co-Designer of the collection for the United

Since its inception two years ago, Raika D. has opened 480 doors worldwide including Anna
Mode in San Remo, Italy, stores in Japan, and two of her own boutiques in Moscow. Showing in
New York for its second season, the beauty of Raika D.'s Eye of the Storm will truly excite the
eye of the beholder.
Celebrities spotted in Raika D. include Victoria Gotti, Tyra Banks, Kathrine Narducci, Jamie Lynn Discala. Miss Teen USA Tami Farrell and Miss Universe Amelia Vega.

Photography by C. Yohance DeLoatch
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