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House Of Field  NY Fashion Week Spring 2003

Fashion Ledge - House Of Field
“The line between urban designer and the streets are non-existent, I love the attitude and vibe of urban fashion.” Patrica Field. She loves to push the envelope with fashion, never one to be complacent, she creates a style that’s her own. Downtown legend Patricia Field’s signature style -- edgy, eclectic, and urban to the extreme. Field became a household name after landing her high-profile current job as costume designer for Sex and the City.
Field’s longtime partner, David Dalrymple, who has worked with her since the mid-1990s, designs the House of Field line. Dalrymple paid homage to the hottest styles that native New Yorker’s would be familiar with if they frequented the club scenes.
With this hard-edged street style, there were strappy bondage pants in white denim or in cotton screen-printed with images of Bob Marley, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G; some very '80s black mini dresses, a sequin mini suit was dubbed the "Jackie Stallone”, pink latex low-waist tights, sequin and sequin and more sequin. Spring 2003 House of Field collection was by far the best showing of creativity. Everyone there was completely enamored and could not wait to see what could possibly be next. And then Mya (Moulin Rouge soundtrack) walks out in the Bob Marley micro mini holding her stride as if the runway was her stage. The energy remains high as Britney Spears looks on along side new R&B artist Amerie, while dear Ms. Patricia Field enjoys there company sits in the middle. And to close the show was the epitome of urban style in the music community EVE, she wore the final piece that would close perfect night. As we all made our way out of the show, I could overhear several raves, and praise from old friends and from newly made ones that couldn’t wait to raid the showroom. Many have looked to House of Field for inspiration, for genuine inhibition. This collection should remind the fashion community that life should be filled with passion, freedom without the cause and effect.
Bravo…to House of Field!!!

Written by: Written by Yvette N Coleman
Photographs by C. Yohance Deloatch
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