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James Coviello  NY Fashion Week Fall 2004

Fashion Ledge - James Coviello
What was st. petersburg without moscow? the ancient capitol of russia, with its shadowed twisting lanes, gloriousbyzantine minarets, fur-trimmed brocaded boyars, and st basil's cathedral-a medieval fantasy frozen in time. the greatest sculptors, craftsmen, tailors. painters and even the noblest families were relocated from moscow to st petsersburg to create the most dazzling modern city the world had ever seen. a new rome - during its heyday it became the most fashionable city in all the world.

our journey begins in moscow. the feeling is soft and textured. soft chiffon prints, and ethnic embroidered wool gauze pieces paired with menswear inspired herringbone suiting and colorful houndstooth crochet knits set the mood. the silhouette is slightly victorian - as if a very savvy provincial lady created her own unique style through

the pairing of european trends of the time with her love of traditional folk shape and detailing. as she travels from moscow to st petersburg, the mood changes from softto more severe. the speed ofthe city and its fashionable citizens, who take their cue from the grand cities of london and paris, now set the pace. the style becomes more luxurious. laceysilk charmeuse, fox-trimmed brocade, and jet encrusted lace now appear in her more sophisticated wardrobe. never forgetting her deep russian roots-a hint of her ancestral home, moscow, still permeates though her style
Written by: Written by James Coviello
Photography by C. Yohance DeLoatch
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