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Douglas Hannant  New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Fashion Ledge - Douglas Hannant

Sparkle Sterling pins down Douglas Hannant at Fashion Week for an interview:

SS: Tell me about this collection - - what inspired you to do a collection like this?

DH: On my high priced line casual at this level is not possible. So we did this collection. The girls call and say to me, 'Douglas, I'm so embarrassed I'm in South Hampton and I can't wear you!' Now I have an answer! They have it, they have the clothes. You know women shop, but It's not about couture from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, and these clothes cannot exist in my main collection, but now I have this fantastic collection, nothing is above $700.00, but it looks expensive.

SS: Who is this? Who do you see wearing these clothes?

DH: This girl is a very rich girl, upper east side, my girl, but it's her younger sister that took the summer to go away that's who this girl is!"

SS: Fabulous! Well thank you so much for the interview! Love it! Love the clothes! Love you!

DH: It was my pleasure! Love you too! And Thank you.

I say let these terrific clothes speak for themselves! would like to send a special thanks to Mauricio Rava.

Written by: Sparkle Sterling
Photos: Publicist
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