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Custo Barcelona  NY Fashion Week Fall 2002

Fashion Ledge - Custo Barcelona
The early years: Upon finishing their studies at University – Custo as an architect and David in general academics, the brothers decided to take a worldwide motorcycle tour. What began as a vacation ended up being an epiphany, as both men abandoned their original career. During their journey Custo and David became inspired by different customs from countries all over the world. They particularly liked surf and hippie cultures and became influenced by screen printed t-shirts that were not yet available in Spain. Quickly they trained themselves in the art of screen printing, textile finishing processes and focused their attention on unique graphic design.
The Collection
Custo Barcelona’s fall and winter collection strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Visually stunning, the collection fuses culture and community, freedom and fashion for a uniquely singular look. This fall’s collection introduces its first complete men’s collection, while adding unique twists to its existing women’s line. Designed in muted colors, both Custo’s women and men’s collection share primary themes, “bricking,” “pulled metal” and “wet paint,” while exploring new treatments and textures.

“Bricking” is a design element that runs throughout the collection. Squares are stacked in a unique combination of black, red, and orange. “Pulled metal” weaves metallic threads into individual pieces for an iridescent look, while “wet paint” is splashed onto tops and sweaters by a unique airbrushing technique. For the women’s collection, it takes 70’s spin with patchwork denim skirts, flared jeans and deconstructed denim jackets. He also introduces a new line of coats, which includes sophisticated empire-waist, three quarter length coats and vintage inspired Japanese kimonos. Feminine angora sweaters and form fitting leather dresses round out the collection for sexy or subtle looks. Finally, Custo is pleased to introduce a small collection of handbags. The men’ s collection is now complete with tops, sweaters, pants, and jackets. Key pieces are modified peacoats, wide-legged pants in both canvas and corduroy and a range of tops and sweaters. In addition, Custo Barcelona takes you around the globe with rubric travel prints in unexpected places- from multi-colored passport to European maps; clothing is the ultimate travel accessory.

CELEBRITIES/TELEVISION: After conquering Seventh Avenue, Custo Barcelona went Hollywood where its apparel is regularly seen in both film and television: Erin Brokovich, Sex & The City and Friends to name a few. In addition, the collection has a celebrity following including Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Chloe Sevigny, Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock.

For more information, please contact:
Lauren Fisch/Mark Silver
Factory Communications

For further information on store locations 212 941 7057.

Written by: Written by Yvette N Coleman
Photography by C. Yohance DeLoatch
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