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CHADO Ralph Rucci  NY Fashion Week Fall 2002

Fashion Ledge - CHADO Ralph Rucci
"The Principles of Life" CHADO Ralph Rucci Fall and Winter 2002

Ralph Rucci has chosen design as a medium to explore the ever-evolving nature of how women visually present themselves. Each season, he explores concepts relating to how he would like to affect the wearer as well as the viewer of his clothes. He begins with a dictionary of collected images from the artists he finds the most inspiring- artists such as Antonio Tapies, Cy Twombly, Alberto Giacometti and Yves Dana whose images form the collective unconscious that Rucci believes we all share. From this train of thought, the experiments with cuts to develop the specific language of the new collection. Each season, the cuts become the basic vocabulary he uses in order to communicate to others, through he clothes. Rucci's background in fine arts and literature have led to a conceptual relationship with fashion and color; cinnabar, vibrant and deep reds, chartreuse and to humble earth tones.

The collection is full of completed looks of sophistication and beauty. The natural double-faced coat and framed pants were accented with a mocha cashmere gauze scarf (as pictured), or the romantic interpretation of hand printed chiffon strapless dress with sloe are great examples of the true language of Ralph Rucci's collection. Some designers come very close to providing a consistent and balanced vision but tend to veer off. Mr. Rucci has been successful in staying on course and has engaged in a profound collection that underlines everything he believes in.

The principles of CHADO are very evident with the peaceful use of earth tones; harmony is created in the structure of lines to follow the woman's natural curve. Rucci continues to explore and experiment to provide his audience with creations that are truly modern and desirable.
Written by: Written by Yvette N Coleman
Photography by C. Yohance DeLoatch
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