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Phat Farm  NY Fashion Week Spring 2003

Fashion Ledge - Phat Farm
Simmons grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens, and as a youth was himself involved with a street gang. It was while he was enrolled in the mid-1970s at the Harlem branch of City College of New York studying sociology that he became aware of rap music and its appeal to young inner-city blacks. He saw rappers as they would converge in parks and on street corners, and then take turns singing rap songs to gathering crowds.
He has survived the test of time through music, and has put his focuses on politics philanthropy in his community. Russell has preserved as being known for his respected thoughts and rendered tremendous successes for his company and strives to bring intelligent conversations to music fashion and spoken words of poetry.

Having expanded his empire with all of the many facets that make him so unique, the attention comes to Phat Farm the collection that continuously interprets urban lifestyles to a corporate version of the streets. The collection of relaxed, but tailored suits in wine, black, and grey give the signature look of Mr. Simmons himself. His collection speaks many languages of comfort and individuality with argyle sweaters with textured blazers in camel, and deep browns. Simmons create clothes for real life; the looks are interchangeable and complement each other with their color palette. Congratulations to your 10th anniversary Phat Farm… and for the many more to come!!!

Written by: Written by Yvette N Coleman
Photographs by C. Yohance Deloatch
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