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Vantan Tokyo  New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Fashion Ledge - Vantan Tokyo
Vantan Tokyo is a part of Japan’s Vantan Design Institute, which seeks to set the stage for the market debut of the most talented of students and create a platform for them to launch their creative career. This year, three collections were featured: Nelly Hohmann, Eisunoge, and Sagan.

Most memorable of the night was Nelly Hohmann by Nelly Hohmann, whose designs are meant to seamlessly marry the style and aesthetic of the East and West. Her use of blacks and ivory’s, as well as winter fur and wool gives us a gritty version of the West, and seems an ode to New York lifestyle and fashion. Her pops of watercolor print stand out in the array of black pieces, giving us a glimpse of the Eastern vision of beauty. Hohmann uses silk abundantly to combines both sides of the world and giving us the flowed, draped feel of Eastern clothing and the luxury and glamour often desired in the West.

Written by: Ashley Mitchell
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