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Oumlil  NY Fashion Week Fall 2009

Fashion Ledge - Oumlil
Hisham Oumlil Fall 2009: An American Evolution

Menswear got a kick in the pants with Hisham Oumlil’s fall ’09 collection inspired by protagonist Daniel Plainview of the film “There Will Be Blood”. Oumlil relied heavily on plaids and wools to explore a tale about triumph, wealth, dementia, and mitigated accomplishment.

Think: a worker’s aesthetic, suspenders, neck warmers, creased pants, collarless shirts, bulky gloves, and (suede aprons!). A rare sensitivity is achieved by Oumlil’s interesting use of folds and his customer will approve.

Outerwear is a major strength of this collection and must-haves include a wool and cashmere coat in white and a wool tweed jacket - - we also give a nod to a snazzy cotton shirt with suspended sleeves.

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Shawn Punch
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