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Chris Han  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Chris Han
Chris Han Fall 2007

It was 10 a.m. on Saturday morning in the Salon at Bryant Park. Everything went dark and you knew the time had come for the first show of the day to begin. The sounds of birds chirping captured my attention and I soon felt like I was waking up in an Africa once the chanting began and the light slowly turned up like the sun rising.

Fashion Week's second day began only 15 minutes behind schedule with greys, creams, golds and strait hair. A grey cashmere cardigan paired with a grey skirt as well as a black lace and violet mesh top and black cigarette pants caught my eye. It was only when the gunmetal tulle top and disco pants graced the runway that I knew I was awake.

Her inspiration: "The flight of birds, the movement of their wings, and the iridescent quality of their feathers." Mission accomplished!

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Mao PR
580 Broadway, Rm. 506
New York, NY 10012
T: 212-226-8510
F: 212-226-7559

Written by: Natalie Dolce
Photos: James Bluck
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