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Nary Manivong  NY Fashion Week Fall 2007

Fashion Ledge - Nary Manivong
Nary Manivong Fall 2007: Beautiful

“Beautiful!” displayed captivating, well-constructed pieces that highlight the seductive nature of the feminine form. Yet, Nary Manivong’s line reaches beyond the superficial. The looks are an extension of what is found in tender moments, sincere laughter, and feelings shared – true beauty.

Official sponsors of the event were: Creative Nails, Make Up For Ever, Red Bull, H2O, and Moet Hennessey’s 10 Cane Rum and Chopin Vodka brands.

About Nary Manivong
Nary Manivong is a unique example of the beauty and vitality that can stem from harsh circumstances. Born and raised in Ohio, he surmounted a tumultuous adolescence, and even homelessness, to pursue his dreams. Since his arrival on the fashion scene in 2004 Manivong has been applauded by leading fashion insiders. Nary takes fashion risks while never losing sight of the smallest details. He values individuality and personal expression over trend and admires the modern day woman who embraces her femininity and exudes confidence. Nary lives in Brooklyn, NY.

For more info:
157 St. Nicholas Ave. 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Media Contact:
Magalie R. René
Phone: 646-651-5484
FAX: 646-201-4497

Photos: Shawn Yon
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