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Ryan Kenny  Funkshion Fashion Week 2006

Fashion Ledge - Ryan Kenny
Where luxury and affordability finds style and design you meet RyanKenny. With the launch of the new Spring/Summer collection RyanKenny has a guaranteed spot on the backs of everyone, from the metropolitan chic to the everyday fashion forward. Known originally for their fine wovens, masterminds of RyanKenny, Kenny Burns, Derek Dudley and designer Ryan Glover have created a premium menswear line with the hottest denims, cashmere suits, blazers, track suits, casual wear - the works. Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher - the list of celebrity fans goes sky high - people just can’t stop buzzing about the items on display.

RyanKenny distribution has reached new heights with Spring/Summer collections hitting stores such as Parisians, Nordstrom and high end boutiques across the country. Innovation has taken a new direction in refinement in appealing to the everyday man. French tailoring and cashmere blends are no longer strictly for the ‘elite’ but are rather now available for the universal consumer. Prices have been lowered and the newly expanded sales team is set to run full force with these competitive price points.

To keep up the high demand and foreseeable expansion of the brand, RyanKenny needed a new team of partners to keep up momentum. Ronny Platovsky and Scott Rosenblum head up The Affordable Luxury Group, an apparel company that develops fashion brands and designers who pulse with marketability, they are poised to take RyanKenny to even greater levels of innovation and stardom.

A military inspired line; the Spring/Summer Collections feature an array of colors, designs, patterns and styles. RyanKenny provides you with hottest gear for any occasion - whether you’re strolling the Hamptons or getting ready to hit a nightclub, RyanKenny has the look you should be wearing. With the Affordable Luxury Group at their back, there is no doubt RyanKenny will continue to distinguish itself as a true benchmark for high end style with a funky twist, that travels with you everywhere you go.

For More information contact Gwen Wunderlich or Rachel Golden @ FYI Public Relations 212 586 2240

Photos: Sheldon Baldie courtesy of Lucire Magazine
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