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Gilyard Mfg  Funkshion Fashion Week 2006

Fashion Ledge - Gilyard Mfg
Call it retaliation, call it taking control, call Gilyard MFG co. the next big thing…introducing the hottest new spring and summer men’s lifestyle collection to hit the market for 2006. Founded by veteran designers and key industry players Dontay Wilder, Jamik Adams, Dennis Murphy, Allan Torralba and brand consultants Dennis Calvero and Omar Quiambao, who were dissatisfied with the cookie-cutter approach to creating and marketing brands for the “streetwear” consumer, the founders of Gilyard MFG. seek to push a new type of brand into the marketplace, a brand consisting of jeans, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, vest and wovens with that carry no Hollywood glitz, no false glamour and no substandard product. Mission Accomplished- only six months in and the line has already sold out in stores nationwide, reiterating the truth that consumers can’t get enough of what they love. Gilyard MFG. creates product based off the original American ideal and makes it their motto: “Work Hard Live Well.”

The Gilyard MFG. team has been in the business since day one, creating, carrying and marketing other brands, like ECKO, Triple Five Soul, Alphanumeric, akademiks, PNB Nation, Mecca Usa, Phat Farm Converse and Fubu making them what they were at their peak. Last year the Gilyard team came together to make the master plan, sought and received financing and now own factories and solely control, design quality, manufacturing and distribution. This enables them to produce the finest quality product possible.

This years spring and summer collection focuses on color, fit, design, and substance. Separate yourself and live in cool utter comfort, with key pieces set on Individuality and forward thinking, including tees with messages such as “Dead Silence,” striped polos, and cargos in army and khaki colored styles with deep rooted messages like “All Out War.” Summer features a line inspired by the rock & roll movement. Individualism is pronounced through phrases such as “Strength and Honor” and “Dues Paid”. From skull & bones, to gold foiled teeth to colorful and vibrant fatigues, Gilyard’s new collection is priced perfect for the man who works hard and likes to live well at $25.00- $125.00 per piece.

For more information, to set up an interview or request product samples, please contact Gwen Wunderlich or Rachel Golden at FYI Public Relations @ 212 586 2240 or or

Photos: Sheldon Baldie courtesy of Lucire Magazine
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