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Loden Dager  NY Fashion Week Fall 2006

Fashion Ledge - Loden Dager
Loden Dager Autumn / Winter 2006 Men’s Collection

Oliver Helden, Paul Marlow, and Matthew Sandager present Loden Dager, a new men’s wear line making its first retail appearance in the Fall 2006 season. The line is the first by a collective whose members create not only clothing but also film, music, photography, painting, and graphic design. The debut collection includes tailored jackets, cashmere sweaters, outerwear as well as denim, workwear, and basic t-shirts – all retailing at designer price points.

A young man can purchase one of every item in the collection for $2,500.00

The designs of Loden Dager are based on men’s casual clothing of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s interpreted for contemporary times. The idea of Loden Dager is to create the illusion of a bygone era – a time of massive social change, to explore the vast grey area between the rigidity of the mod sixties and the potential anarchy of the hippie dream circa 1970. Loden Dager walks the line on the edge of innocence creating a sophisticated and approachable wardrobe for the student, worker, activist, and everyman.

Next up…
Nautical engineering… a haberdashery…
Trek out to Mont St. Michel at low tide and camp out for the night
Bicycle across the tarmac to avoid the crowds
Rope dye a Turkish carpet
Get dressed up to play chess with Faye Dunaway
Learn how to cobble a pair of shoes
Teach a young one to tie a bow tie
Need an anchor

For sales & media inquiries, please contact:
Mr. Matthew Sandager
Phone: 917.546.6817
FAX: 212.374.9116

Written by: Kenyatta D. Pious
Photos: Hubert Williams
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