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Freewill Fashions  NY Fashion Week Spring 2007

Fashion Ledge - Freewill Fashions
Freewill Vintage Spring 2007

The Freewill Vintage Showcase is a collaborative effort between Freewill Fashions, Rue St. Denis Clothier, Cobblestones, and Fabulous Fanny's – vintage stores in metro New York. The founder Monkey Queen strives to raise a conscious awareness of life within the realm of fashion, and incorporates her ideals and inspiration in the presentations. Titled "Inward Expansion" and shown at The Church of the Covenant on 42nd the showcase was excursion to the past. The location and title were fitting for founder Monkey Queen’s vision in this second installment of the Freewill Vintage Fashion Showcase.

Monkey Queen cites, "As human life becomes more and more driven by technology and commercialism, our lives seem to become more and more passive. We live to consume everything that is ready-made for us. If we don't try to reverse this way of living, we will all turn into either soul-less vegetables or appetite driven animals. " As we go forward in time, we are always going back to examine and in a sense recreate the past, in essence paying homage to styles, aesthetics and trends of times past. It is this reexamination of the past and its simplicity that Monkey Queen hopes will allow us to be in some ways removed from our current capitalistic society.

The showcase was an infusion of vintage garments from current, renown, design houses and other designers, whose names have faded into the midst. The variety and depth of garments shown, allowed for a visual re-education in fashion which reminds us of where fashion has come from, evolved and returned. Gazing at coats from the 1920's, eveningwear from the 1950's, we were able to visualize our current designers modern day interpretations of these antique pieces. The clothes spoke the language of our predecessors, focusing on innovation and elegance, simplicity and conceptualization.

Each vintage shop showcased their garments in a different way, some opting for a Marc- Jacobs like layering effect, others with a Jill Sander-like minimalism, and others alluded to a Versace-like girl glam. Displaying both womens and menswear, the eyes were treated to garments that seemed current and at the same time dated. Some of the garments were mixed, which gave way to several moments of boy meets girl, where the clothes were styled androgynously. In a variety of the garments there were different finishing techniques and closures, and alternate drapes unusual fabrications.

All of the garments shown will be available at the vintage stores, and in some cases there are duplicates of the same styles.

For more information:
242 West 30th Street
Floor 3
New York, NY 10001
(p) 917-351-1395
(f) 917-351-1397

Written by: aSANTI aUSTIN
Photos: Carl Kalonzo
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