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Mac Millan  NY Fashion Week Fall 2005

Fashion Ledge - Mac Millan

Mac Millan - - “CAMEO”

Fall '05 Mac Millan return on schedule at New York Fashion Week, showcasing a high spirited, free styled collection themed on the glamorous silver screen stars of 20's and 30's Hollywood featuring feminine printed and layered chiffons, oversized bows and androgynous tailoring.

The new collection is a development beyond the realms of glamour, fusing traditional 1930's Hollywood values with accents of geometric compositions to create a synergy of fresh modern silhouettes. A contemporary interpretation of sensual allure, femininity and character. Details feature bows, pleats, ruching draping and contrast bands.

The 2005 Fall collection comprises geometric abstract Mac Millan prints in an exotic palette. Cerise, purple, mint and turquoise contrast with monochrome black, white, grey and silver while experimental fabric compositions of grey marl jersey, silver lurex jersey, shiny black pinstripe tailoring and silver trims arrive with an alluring contemporary flair.

One of the hottest shows of the week, starring in "CAMEO" the motion picture, an army of stylists have been assigned to re-create a runway that reflects silver screen Hollywood. Perky bangs, poodle cuts and cupids bow bee stung lips with a touch of urban diversity. Please RSVP the enclosed at your earliest convenience as Editors are clamouring for invitations to report from the front line of the catwalk, 9th February 2005.
T: +44 (0) 207 731 8784
F: +44 (0) 207 731 8622


Photographed by C.Yohance Deloatch
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