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Label  NY Fashion Week Fall 2005

Fashion Ledge - Label
Label's collection for Fall 2005 thematically weaves art and the intangible realm which permeates the unconscious. It responds to the post- millennial age of a self- realized Orwellian philosophy. In the past, Label has dealt with themes that playfully recontextualized popular iconography and culture. Label's intent has always been to look beyond its product in establishing a philosophy and encouraging a constantly evolving dialectic.

Showing a mini video called “Revolution of the Psyche,” which is a canvas painting, Label tells a story with its collection of traditional pieces meets the future. Constructive black corduroy suits, very fitted on the men reminding me of London’s Saville Row. Graffiti jackets and blazers paired with khakis were reflective of the Label’s philosophy, calm mixed with the storm.

For the women: coral blue scallop tops with sequined skirts, fitted blazers, gold strapless tops paired with stretch riding pants in white, khaki and chocolate, corsets, and petticoats with fishtail stockings also offered a conscious to the subconscious mentality. Label then offered black pieces for men and women from black trench coats paired with black khakis and newsboy hats for men while Label offered black blazers paired with low V-neck lycra tops in bright yellows and baby blues for women. Sequined and strapless dresses, cream colored scalloped skirts and scallop dresses reminiscent of the 1920’s flapper dresses were also offered.

The finale piece, a strapless corset Cinderella dress, provided a thought- provoking climax to the collection. The dress appeared simple but actually had graffiti, rhinestones and other intricate pieces as its makeup. It wove the dual tenets of simplicity and chaos as part of everyday life. Overall, the show was ingenious.

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Press Contact
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Label's style pairs tradition with the future in a language of signature cut, everyday comfort, groundbreaking application, and classic fabrics. It intends to create a cultural definition of our time while predicting another moment to come. Perhaps the most notable asset of Label's design are the form fitting cuts which are instrumentally proportioned to flatter the body of its wearer as they express themselves through a higher plain of design.
The clothing is made primarily in the designer's birthplace, Los Angeles, amongst an arena of people who have a great love for what they do. Label's essential philosophy is that unfair manufacturing conditions taint anything, which is inevitably to be kept and worn.

This year Label will make its product for the first time in a decade available for an outside market with the New York store as its preview showcase. Label will also conjoin itself with a series of artists engaged in the same dialectic to create works of abstracted imprints which will be available on Label textiles and solely on its one of a kind garments.

This series of art will be also part of a fashion show and exhibition, which celebrates the store’s tenth anniversary and the launch of this web site this February in New York.


Label's collection for Fall, 2005, relates to the theme of art and the intangible realm which permeates the unconscious. It responds to the post millennial age of a self realized Orwellian philosophy whose subjects, through the process of fear and trauma, are controlled, medicated, and censored while being regimentally enslaved. It also takes a cue from another time in history, which, if not carefully observed, might repeat itself.

Written by: Provided By J. Avanti
Photographed by Hubert Williams
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