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Henry Jacobson  NY Fashion Week Fall 2005

Fashion Ledge - Henry Jacobson
Fashion in movement: functionality as a base.

(Groups interacting. One voice is louder than the rest) “I’ll take him in the turquoise sweater/caramel slacks.” Imagine waking up to this gentleman on Sunday morning, reading his newspaper sipping his coffee. He is that professor accessorized with the perfect silk bow ties and buttoned down tailored shirts while planning his day in his palm pilot. Henry Jacobsen dresses the everyday man in this non-traditional presentation: fashion in lifestyle. It is not just a show.

Sad to see them exit. But then here they come. They are the new millennium of sons in functional sporting gear. Fly fishing never looked so sexy! Tweeds, plaids, rich colors. Golfing seemed so easy or is it those 3 apple martinis? Let’s go back: pristine white gabardine slacks, and varsity sweaters.

If I were a middle aged female, I’d probably fall on my ass to have “this man” at home. He is well dressed and athletic. His charm engages the audience and brings Henry Jacobsen to life, enhancing purpose, allowing Jacobsen’s vision to move. God knows I am paying attention, then another sad goodbye.

Oh, yes! They are back and I wish I lived in London in the fall. ¾ length trench coats in azul blue, tans, chocolates, navy…ascots and patchwork. Dimples and smiles.
This man is smooth and assertive. He takes charge of the boardroom and is pleasing at home: sexy and powerful that’s how Henry Jacobsen dresses this man in 2005.

Once again there is another sad goodbye. He is so engaging that I am anticipating his return. Then he enters and this has to be what I imagine one of the best Stetson ads come to life would be like. The urban cowboy, then the jazz band, the architect, the artist: every man. Demonstrating life - - are these real life people or models?

This presentation had my eyes focused on what would happen next…and then another sad goodbye. And yet here he comes again: smiles and a sexy chocolate suit, navy, taupe and steel gray fedoras and briefcases...the complete package.

880 Harbour Way South
Richmond , California 94804
T 415 448 1922 F 415 457 1671

2 Sniffen Court At 156 East 36th Street
New York , New York 10016
T 212 679 1902 F 212 397 3205

Written by: Written by Yvette Coleman-DeLoatch
Photographed by C.Yohance DeLoatch
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