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Ruffian  New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Fashion Ledge - Ruffian
A must see for industry hot shots and NYC fashion lovers alike. Kate Lanphear, Style Director of Elle USA, Nylon magazine Editor at large Dani Stahl, and Brazilian advertising executive, Lorenzo Martone, best known for his relationship with designer Marc Jacob were on the scene. In a slight departure from uptown bliss a detour to street style via old world grandeur was romantically edgy. Flavorings of Little Lord Fauntleroy and ruffles borrowed from Miss Muffet in canary yellow, girly pink, and boyish blue. Striped pieces, brocaded suit elements, and a cream and blue French country print are made cool with mid-drift tops, low slung chain belts, and Chuck Taylors. The sweet look is roughened with some city sex appeal and an out all night pompadour. The label collaborated with MAC for impactful lips in two shades, a pale peach called Ruffian Nude, and a ruby hued Ruffian Red.
Written by: Sarah Freiseis
Photos: MB Fashion Week
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