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Faces In The Crowd  NY Fashion Week Spring 2006

Fashion Ledge - Faces In The Crowd
The Word

All words were collected thru WWD, The Daily, and the mouth and ears of fashion editors, press and publicist. Basically... keeping your ears open and mouth shut!!

Word is...celebs are releasing lines at a record number this year. Last years clothing launches included suits by Steve Harvey, Jessica Simpson, Missy Elliot, Mandy Moore and a line by Jackie Chan (why?). This year celeb lines include Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Kelly Osbourne’s Stiletto Killer, Boy George’s B-Rude, Diddy’s Sean by Sean Paul, Lil Kim's Hollyhood, Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am and the R&B singer Macy Gray. Grays collection is called Ghetto Line by Macy Gray, but there's nothing ghetto about it. It favors a Tracy Resse or a b Michael approach. The collection includes two piece suits, dresses, blouses and three-piece tuxedos. No sweat suits or denim. "The ghetto has a rep for being about poverty and danger, but it is a beautiful place. It influences everything in life like fashion, literature, music, and even the way we speak," Gray said. Not yet released are Harlem Honey by Kim fields, known for playing Tootie on the Facts of Life, Beyonce’s House of Deron, and Jessica Simpson’s Britches.

Word is...Sex in the City creator, Candace Bushnell, is not fond of the new show being compared to her hit breakthrough. She was overheard saying Desperate Housewives is not as empowering as SITC. And that she believes women should have more powerful jobs. The object is to get out of the kitchen!!

Word is...Everyone can now afford Nicole Miller. The designer is now creating chic and cheap clothing for JC Penney called Nicole by Nicole Miller. The best thing about the collection, according to Miller, is that you can purchase a complete outfit for less than $100.

Word is...Liz Claibourne had the audacity to come on the OPRAH show and announce that her clothing was not made for Blacks. Is this 1994 all over again. I can remember a certain Hilfiger making the exact identical statement. Putting aside that I don't know any Black running to MACYs to purchase Liz Calibourne’s new spring collection. How could one by a guest in a strong African-American home (Ms. Winfrey's daytime kingdom) and speak out so directly. And back to an earlier anyone checking for Liz Claibourne anyway??

Word is...designer handbags have reached an all time high. Nowadays, if you stroll thru high-end department stores, it’s impossible to find a bag under $1,000. Four years ago, the "it" bag may have ranged upward of $750. Today’s "it" bag is minimum $1,500 and goes for as much as $10,000.
It all seems to have started with the Hermes' Birkin bag. At $5,600, the bag had an exclusive waiting list. But now it seems the Birkin only prepared women for what was to come next. Ferragamo's crocodile Gancio Sella bags cost $11,000 and Louis Vuitton's Les Extraordinaires monogrammed bag cost $21,000. And the real teeth grinder is Bottega Venetas crocodile Cabat bag which special orders for $70,000. Yet department stores such as Barney's say they have no problem selling these super exclusive bags. "If a bag is in crocodile or alligator, it reads like a diamond," says Julie Pilhart, vice president of Barney's New York.
But is it really worth spending so much on a bag that may or may not be in style the next year? Many socialites during fashion week admit to buying a fake one on the street for $40 to $75 rather than spending thousands of dollars. But it all boils down to status quo. Most people spend that amount of money to buy something others can't have. But again, is it worth it??

Word is…Stevie Wonder was sitting front row at his wife’s fashion show Sunday, Kai Milla. Think about it...

Word is…Celebrity jeweler to the stars Chris Aire had a jewelry showing during fashion week. During which he showcased a gown made entirely out of diamonds. The dress was 55 pounds, full of 5,500 diamonds, and cost over $41 million.

Word is…Sarah Jessica Parker’s new fragrance, "Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker", is selling off the shelves. During her two-hour appearance at Lord & Taylor, the scent sold more than $40,000. Making that the largest beauty sell during an appearance for L&T.

Word is…VIP Fashion Week gift bags are given away with over $10,000 in merchandise including a charcoal grill, a years supply to Coors beer, and a years worth of body massages.

Word is…Tragedy struck the Diane Von Furstenberg runway show when a light fixture fell and hit several front row editors including the editors for Teen Vogue and Cosmo. Both were rushed to the hospital but are recovering. The show was then cut short and ended immediately without a final walk or the designer’s bow. Many years ago, a similar tragedy occurred during a Micheal Kors show when the ceiling collapsed. The Kors incident was one of the main reasons 7th on Sixth was created. And the DVF incident was just a reminder of why the Tents are most attendee’s first choice.

Word is…Kanye West lashed out at President Bush during a live telethon for the New Orleans Relief Fund. He went off his scripted speech by saying "Bush [doesn’t] care about Black People" before NBC drowned him out. They later released statements that Kanye’s views did not reflect the network.

Word is…Tommy Hilfiger is up for sell. After 20 years in fashion, Seems Mr. Hilfiger is selling his label. He opened fashion week celebrating his 20th anniversary by walking 100 models in over 100 looks. Word is his label will sell for close to $2 billion. A man who is always 10 steps ahead, Hilfiger is already gearing up for Fashion Week Fall 2006 in February. He plans on introducing khaki as the new denim. He feels that consumers have a mass amount of denim within their closet. So he plans to reinvent chinos and khakis. Until word on the sell is proven, Hilfiger is concentrating on launching his fall campaign to center around his new e-commerce website,

Word is…Celebs aren't the only big names contributing to the New Orleans Relief Funds. You also have....
Revlon offered Red Cross toiletries,
Avon $250,000 donation
Wal-Mart $17 million
Target $1.5 million
Safeway $100,000
CVS $500,000
Rite Aid $250,000
And what celebs are giving what...
The Girls Gone Wild DVD series is giving 100% of forward sales of the Mardi Gras themed videos to the Red Cross.
Celine Dion gave $1 million donation to Red Cross.
Ellen Degeneres' talk show donated $500,000 to Red Cross. They also matched viewers donations of $500,000 giving a total of $1.5 million.
Serena Williams is donating $100 for every ace she serves this year.
Donald Trump is sending hundreds of thousands of bottles of Trump Ice water.
Sean Combs and Jay-Z jointly donated $1 million.
Hilary Duff donated $200,000 to Red Cross and $50,000 to USA Harvest.
Morgan Freeman organized an online auction offering celebrity items such as movie passes and vacations.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston flew five tons of food to the victims
Word is…Kate moss has lost $3 million a year in ad endorsements from H&M, Chanel and Burberry because of images floating around of her supposedly snorting cocaine. The supermodels reported $360 a day habit may cost her custody of her 3 year old daughter and her modeling career.

Photographed by Ray Taylor of Taylor Made Photography
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