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Tomer  NY Fashion Week Spring 2006

Fashion Ledge - Tomer
Tomer Spring 2006

Tomer –Mission Statement
Tomer is founded on the core belief that when riding the line between art and function, every design has an obligation to serve its owner; providing not only uniqueness, but also confidence and comfort. Meeting these requirements means that the wearer gains a true appreciation for the garment, and more importantly, it means that we have succeeded.

Peace of Riga – Fall/Winter 2005 Collection Inspiration
Through tasteful accents and thoughtful detailing, the Fall/Winter 2005 Collection, Peace of Riga, reflects upon the ideas of transition and change during periods of pain and strife. Heavily influenced by Poland and its people during the post-WWII era, this collection uses the finest European fabrics in dark, rich hues of brown and blue to paint a cohesive feeling of enduring strength. Throughout the line, details echo between garments. From a suit’s contrasting lapel to a sweater’s contrasting neckline, the collection complements itself beautifully and demonstrates how a design can grow between pieces, making the end outfit all the more powerful.

Black Rain – Spring/Summer 2006 Collection Inspiration
“The weather may be frigid on even the brightest of days.” This sentiment is the primary influence of Tomer’s latest collection, Spring/Summer 2006 - Black Rain. Shades of gray with accents of blue, green, and black dominate the line, conveying the image of a devoted Samurai, practicing the art of Kendo alone on a cold, yet bright, summer day. Luxurious, natural fabrics in cotton, silk and tropical-weight wool and unique, modern hardware successfully translate this image of the past into a vision of the future, allowing Tomer to pioneer a new direction - and thus a new aesthetic - for Spring.

Tomer – Personal Bio
Tomer Gendler’s foray into designing is the culmination of a young man’s life dream. Born in Petach Ticva, Israel on Jan 20, 1979, the intrinsic splendor of the land always fascinated Tomer. From the ancient Caesarea to walks through orange fields, Tomer constantly marveled at beauty in all forms. His admiration for the aesthetic in life grew even further when he moved to the States at the age of 10.

Majoring in Business and minoring in Fashion Design at the University of Texas at Austin, his initial interests in apparel were just an appreciation for the Arts in a medium he felt compelled to study. Soon after, he traveled to Milan, where his need to create coupled with a desire to change current men's fashion climaxed in a burning desire he could not ignore. Upon graduation, Tomer leaped into action to make his sketches, his designs – his life’s aspirations – a reality in cloth and thread.

Tomer – Company Bio
Since its inception, Tomer has been a fashion label built on the concept of contemporary luxury. Every piece is manufactured in Italy, utilizing only the finest European fabrics, and as such, it seems only fitting that Tomer has been recognized as “one of the finest emerging designers in the world today” [1]. Coupling this dedication to quality with a commitment to innovation and attention to detail, Tomer produces apparel that is nothing short of timeless – clothes that can be worn in any situation, at any time.

Found exclusively in select retailers such as Takashimaya New York, it is natural that Tomer has piqued the interest of such talents as Adrian Brody and Jamie Foxx. After winning awards at both the Fashion Group International Rising Star Competition and the Gen Art Styles 2005 Competition, Tomer was recently selected by 7th on Sixth to show at the new “UPS Delivers Fashion’s Future” venue in Bryant Park, where the brand was heralded as a label “at the forefront of fashion’s future” [2]. Thus, by merging a unique vision & aesthetic with Italian elegance & quality, Tomer truly succeeds in “marrying easy-to-wear pieces with classical tailoring while proving [his] mastery and skills for his craft”.

1507 W. Koenig
Austin, TX 78756
Phone: 512.342.6888

Media Contact:
Hope McGrath
242 west 30th street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 917.351.1395

Written by: Yvette N. Coleman
Photographed by C.Yohance DeLoatch
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