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Tommy Hilfiger  NY Fashion Week Spring 2006

Fashion Ledge - Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Twentieth Anniversary Collection Spring 2006

"Spring 2006 is about celebrating 20 years of fresh American style. Today a new revolution of fashion is taking place in front of our eyes. It is all about the unpretentious, carefree lifestyle we call the New Confidence. The collection is about a great mix of all-American preppy classics that are worn in a modern way. It's a reflection of the brand's heritage and a step into the future of classic American style." - Tommy Hilfiger

The pulse of pure, spirited classics that Tommy Hilfiger first captured with the founding of his company twenty years ago beats louder than ever in his collection for Spring 2006. Unburdened by outdated rules of fashion, today's generation revels in classic designs and quality craftsmanship, but roots them in the moment with a surge of self-assurance. This new confidence - seen in the relaxed fit of worn chinos or the tails of a shirt hanging out from a tailored jacket - is an authentic, effortless, and unpretentious statement of individual style.

The spring 2006 collection, infused with the heritage of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, is perfectly suited for today's new confident generation, who is instinctively discerning and sees comfort and style as one in the same. Khaki, in all its durability and understated cool, is a key ingredient of this new strong and unfussy style.

"Khaki is fresh, strong and really has integrity," says Hilfiger.

Proportions take an unpredictable turn, morphing to make individual statements and to keep the most standard styles up to the minute. Colors, from navy and white to accents of bold red and yellow, give a nod to tradition and a level of strength fit for the future.

Seersucker, madras and airy shirting evoke the top-drawer tradition of Nantucket's nautical lifestyle, but are filtered through a nonchalant lens to fit the broad spectrum of today's relaxed, carefree, and above all, confident style. Tommy Hilfiger is fluent in the shorthand of this new wave of savvy and stylish customers and speaks to them directly with a free-flowing remix of classic American fashion.


25 West 39th St, 11th floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212.549.6052
FAX: 212.548.1610

Written by: Yvette N. Coleman
Photographed by C.Yohance DeLoatch
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