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Venexiana  NY Fashion Week Fall 2004

Fashion Ledge - Venexiana
VENEXIANA is a comprehensive women's ready-to-wear collection that applies time-tested haute couture technique to clothing with a distinctly cutting edge sensibility.

As the name implies, the VENEXIANA line is deeply influenced by the sensory delights of Venice. Enchanted from the moment she first visited Venice, designer Kati Stern considers the city her true home. Stern spends a portion of each year in that city in her 14th century palazzo where she does the bulk of the line’s design work.

VENEXIANA is inspired in equal parts by such disparate influence as the Renaissance master Veronese and the clean sensual work of architect/designer André Putman. Though designed and produced largely in Italy, VENEXIANA is a truly international brand.

To that end, VENEXIANA melds the fantasy associated with the couture tradition and the utility women expect from contemporary design. The results are fascinating: bold blouses in the finest silks, soft form-fitting leather jackets, generous bias cut skirts, skinny, punk-inflected trousers; a range of pieces that are both operatic and exuberant while modern and entirely wearable.

The concept behind VENEXIANA is to offer couture elements – carefully considered fit, highly constructed lines, and eye-catching embellishment – on the ready to wear level. Each collection contains the classic elements of contemporary women’s wear – strong separates that appeal to any consumer – but the individual pieces are marked by an attention to detail in their construction and embellishment. VENEXIANA restores to fashion romance and craftsmanship without sacrificing modernity and accessibility.


Though they live in Venice only a portion of each year, Kati Stern and her husband Sam are dedicated Venetians. They are members of the Amici Internazionale del Carnevale, the organization responsible for the Gran Ballo, the most sought after ticket of the world-renowned Venice Carnevale. The Sterns are friends of the Count Emil Targetta, who has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate the age old Carnevale. Kati Stern has used her design skills to create sumptuous costumes for Carnevale, in keeping with the age-old traditions of this elegant masquerade. The Sterns are active as well in Save Italian Art, a group dedicated to preserving and restoring old master artworks, of which they themselves are proud collectors.


KATI STERN launched VENEXIANA in 2003. Born in Budapest, Stern trained in both architecture and fashion design, and currently divides her time between New York and Venice.

Contact: Patrick Bradbury, Bradbury Lewis, 212-473-6350

Photography by C. Yohance DeLoatch
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