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Asia Fashion Collection  New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Fashion Ledge - Asia Fashion Collection
Model Janice Dickinson appeared right at home front row at the Asia Fashion Collection show at Lincoln Center’s Salon venue. A mission for exposing the world to Asia’s most talented gave rise to the designer showcase. The fashion industry at large says hello to the six designers that debuted a modern assortment of fashion fusion with a nod to avant-garde with artsier looks.

The Fall 2014 runway show was produced and supported by Vantan and PARCO, in cooperation with the Korean Fashion Association, Taiwan Textile Federation, and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The Vantan Design Institute participants included Suzuki Mark’s line called VIANAD ViVi, “is” by Kishimoto Akiko, and SEi by Sei Yumiko. Parco’s hand selected the remaining three creatives: Tzu-Yun Wu with the line AUSTIN. W, HANG by Mim Mak, and R-SHEMISTE by Won Ji Yeun. Up and coming at its best with these creatives facing the right direction on the path to a bright future.
Written by: Sarah A. Freiseis
Photos: Publicist
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