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Adrienne Landau  NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

Fashion Ledge - Adrienne Landau
Adrienne Landau Fall 2010

The Barbarella-style furs were very cheeky, fitting for a Russian princess or perhaps for playful clubwear. Very appropriate for a Grammy awards look, or the individual pieces could be an aggressive addition to an otherwise low-key outfit. Think: funky and sexy - - playful and coy.

The Leopard print biker hat paired with leather seemed to be made with a specific client in mind - - perhaps Britney Spears? The fur-covered booties and boots looked ferocious, to say the least. Exaggerated trapper hats and the black and white long-haired pieces looked like something for a younger, edgier Cruella DeVille. I, of course, mean that as a compliment. That coat she had was fabulous.

In-house Press:

Written by: Monica C. Morrison
Photos: Publicist
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