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Dina's Den

by Odienne Dina Chisolm
This is a public service announcement.. allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Dina, whoa!

Hola Compadres, welcome to MY thoughts, MY opinions, MY life, simply MY Blog.
Its so good to be among you, now on to the matter at hand...

Lil' Wayne plead guilty to charges of gun possession here in NYC and is expected to serve up to a year in prison

Lil Wayne doing time? I can't believe it... Can the Young Money family still hold a strong presence in this industry without him? Sure, Drake is doing it big right now, and Nicki Minaj has a helluva buzz(her looks alone have people talking) but let's rightfully admit, there is something about a song featuring Lil Wayne that just adds that "umph" no matter what.
Weezy and Kanye have that rare quality of bringing a song to the finish line and they do it with swag on a hundred, trillion, million!. Please Wayne, don't conform to the "goings ons" on Rikers Island, just proceed with your bid when the cops come knocking and come back quick in one piece.. you are one of the few hip hop needs, literally.

I Got Money to Blo-o-o-ow!

Drake, who became an affiliate of Lil Wayne's Young Money label a year ago, has the biggest buzz in hip-hop. He easily sells out a show despite his very amateur stage performance and people like Bun B, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Ryan Leslie, DJ Green Lantern, The Alchemist, MC Lyte, BET's Stephen Hill, Warner Music Group CEO Lyor Cohen and Warner Music Group COO Julie Greenwald have all attended a Drake show.. the boy undeniably has a way with words and possesses an amazing flow that is unique but is he "the answer?" Some are skeptic about his actual album sales when judgment day comes, stating he is overexposed too soon. I don't think that will be the case. If you heard or saw Drake on Flex's Hot 97 show, it's a very high chance that you recognized the things that I recognized, a talented hard working rapper, determined, with a lot of years in this game ahead of him and most of all he was confident yet humble...check it for yourself B!
Drake will be around for a while and can undoubtedly hold down Young Money while Weezy is "absent from class."

Might Don't Make It!
Gucci Mane spoke out for the first time through a statement sent to, Gucci said he is prepared to face the music.
"I have accepted full responsibility for my actions, and I am ready to deal with what is in front of me right now," Gucci's statement read. "Thankfully, my label is still moving forward with my album release, so I will have plenty to look forward to when I get out. I am remaining positive and want my fans to know that I am grateful for their loyalty and continued support. I will get through this."
Gucci- you too are amongst the needed my friend! Some say his music is senseless and raw but honestly sometimes we all need to just get "wasted." Everybody can't save the world nor is everyone isn't interested in saving the world. Gucci has made an impressive mark in a short time and let's hope these rappers stop playing with their careers over petty events that could have been avoided...let the haters try to put you down, don't help them along the way by doing it to yourself.. Gucci!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you're far too kind! I can make the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can! .. gotta love Hov!

First blog had to be short and sweet, as I have my mind on my money and my money on my mind.