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Magnes Sisters

by Amanda Dawson

Dina, Yael, and Tamar Magnes are taking the handbag industry by storm with their unique and beautiful handbags. The girls reside in New York by way of Israel and have combined all of their talents to form a company that they all love, handbags! They love working with materials such as Italian leather, natural canvas, vintage wool and silky linings. Their handbags are an expression of their individuality yet reflect how they work together as a trio. With fans such as Anne Lynn Mccord, it's hard to believe that they won't take over the industry one fashionista at a time.

I got a chance to chat with the trio, Dina, Yael and Tamar to talk about their upcoming Stardust collection:

Tell us about the Magnes Sisters origins.
Our story is a family story. We came to NY at different times but we all had one dream. A story of three sisters: Dina a fashion designer; Yael, a jewelry designer and Tamar a graphic designer. When we combine our talents - it just works! As long as we can remember, we wanted to work and design together. We all love handbags and bags contains all of our abilities. Bags are fashionable, hardware is like jewelry, and the colors and shapes are graphic, so "et voila!" - the Magnes Sisters are combined into one handbag.

What were your inspirations for your fall collection?
The inspiration for the "Stardust" collection was going into night, casual goes glamour; bright and dark with specks of gold.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?
Whoever loves design and bags! We can't wait for the NY girls that we love like Maggie Gyllenhaal, ChloŽ Sevigny, Liv Tyler or Michelle Williams to own and tote a Magnes Sisters bag.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?
This economy is affecting everyone we know in every industry. We design within our current environment, aware of what's going on, without compromising design and with a vision going forward. A positive attitude is key! We feel very fortunate to do what we love and have our own business!

Say something about your ideal customer.
Our ideal customer is someone that loves the bags and would grow with us. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than someone wearing our bag. That's the most rewarding. We see girls wearing our bags around the city, and they are from all ages and styles, but all look like someone that has a definite sense of who they are.

Where can fashionistas find your collection and what is the price point?
They can visit:
Verve NYC 282 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023, ranging from $165 to $500

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