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by Yvette Coleman
Trove Clothing was founded in 2007 by Canadian business partners, natives and lovebirds, Carly Mandlebaum and Jesse Burnett. The romantics named their brand Trove based on the idea of the “treasure trove” - - a place where all of a country's or persons most important, and most valuable things are kept. Mandelbaum adds: “That's what we wanted to create: a brand that housed all of ours and your favorite things under one roof.”

The duo began using conventional materials in their designs for graphic t's. The collection started with many eclectic designs that brought success in their local Toronto scene. Trove gradually expanded its line of t-shirts to include both graphics and basics by fall 2008.

“We wanted to focus on designing casual pieces that make you feel great when you wear them - pieces that make the wearer feel special and treasured on a daily basis,” says Mandelbaum. “Our favorite things really are just that -– pieces that reflect a lifestyle of functionality and daily wearability while making you feel sexy and confident,” adds Burnett. The brand has been highly sought after for its conscious efforts to put out a versatile, comfortable and sexy collection.

For the spring, Trove continues to use graphics wisely and find inspiration in beautiful artwork while creating positive messages. The collection can be worn together or as separates with ample pieces that make transitions between casual and chic with only slight modifications. “We see our line as one that in the end is defined by the wearer. We essentially like to provide 'blank canvasses' that each person can wear in an individual way - add a great belt, beautiful jewelry, or a sexy pair of shoes and make it your own.”How does the "eco-conscious" movement affect Trove?
It's VERY important for everyone to be as active as possible in every way possible. In our case we did not want to add fuel to the fire of chemicals and pesticides being used to create our core materials. We saw this as an avenue to help do our part in being socially conscious. The world is at a very critical point in human evolution, we see our using Organic fabrics as a way of enacting positive change through action. Thats not to forget that we really do use some amazing materials, we hope that other fashion houses will take notice of the quality and decide to integrate an eco offering into their line by replacing their current fabrics with organic ones similar in quality to our own.

Is Trove a 100% organic clothing company? What does this mean to you?
I would start by saying that we are a 100% Eco-conscious clothing line. We Use 100% Organic cotton in all of our designs. Our Headquarters are in the same city as our factory, and just Five hours from where our fabric is knit. So we like to think that we have a low carbon footprint. Our hangtags, business cards, and look books are all printed on 100% recycled stock. We produce minimal waste, on the administrative side we produce very little paper waste, we rely heavily on our Blackberrys for most inter-office communication. Our cutting methods make the best possible use of the fabric. There are however certain goals we have that have not yet been fully realized. We are working towards more responsible fabric dying techniques, and washing processes.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about the brand.
That is it just the two of us. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and some people think that it crazy that we work and live together but we love it! There is never a dull moment and always lots of creative thinking at any point.

What trends are you seriously tired of and hope will remain in 2008?
Puffy sleeves and baby doll tops. I hope that boyfriend jeans will always remain! I know they always will with me!

What trends do you expect will be big next season?
I see shorter shirts coming into style. I also see zippers making a nice comeback and a clean more sophisticated look. Buying numerous simple pieces that can be worn in many ways.What's next for Trove?
Trove Tkees. It is our new concept shoe line that is being ready to launch for summer '09.

Words of wisdom:
Be ready to work hard. Do not over extend yourself and your company. Stick to one thing and do it better than anyone else. Devote yourself entirely to your craft. Be ready to make mistakes, more importantly however, be ready to learn from your mistakes. Why did this happen? Why didnt this work the way I wanted it to? But most importantly be ready to work hard. That's what will make the difference. Don't sit reading gossip magazines when you can be doing something productive for your company. I was once told by a very bright man a few words of wisdom: 'Hard work doesn't ensure success. But a lack of will certainly ensure failure.'

Trove is available at high-end specialty boutiques nationwide including Holt Renfrew, Planet Blue and Scoop NYC with pieces ranging from $65 to $160.

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