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Jeanisis Clothing: The Rebirth of Style

by Amanda Dawson
For six years Jeanisis Clothing has held its own in the fashion industry and is now looking to expand its reach stateside as well as internationally. The urban, hip-hop brand's goal is to provide affordable and quality urban wear that represents customers as individuals. Rather than conforming to the current trends, Jeanisis Clothing insists on creating them: new, distinctive, and fresh!

President of Jenesis, Clarence Grant dishes about the new collection, “The Rebirth of Style”.

How did Jeanisis Clothing start?
The history of Jeanisis Clothing goes back to our undergraduate days as sophomores at Southern University A & M College. My partner and I wanted to come up with a catchy name with a hot slogan that everyone would grasp. We knew our standards of dressing and wanted to give our voice to the world so starting with the college scene was the best platform of opinion. It took lots of wasted paper and long hours but 'Jeanisis Clothing' was created.

Explain the meaning behind the name.
Like the first chapter in the Bible, Genesis, we wanted to be the beginning to something new in the fashion world. Therefore, we came up with the name then added our own twist with the slogan 'Rebirth of Style'.

What inspired the current collection?
Our current collection is a combination of various styles mixed into one. We wanted to create a comfortable look with a variety of cultures into the collection. With the jeans being a first to our collection each design had to be something that anyone can choose from. I think we both agree that our inspirations always come from the people. The enjoyment of creating something that makes people request more is the drive [of] our line.

How does Jeanisis Clothing differ from other leading jean brands?
By the creative designs we have and incorporating the changes of what's relevant today.

Jeanisis Clothing can be purchased where and for how much?
Currently, we are selling the items by request but they can be found in selected exclusive boutiques in the surrounding states like Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Atlanta. The price ranges from $75.00 - $300.

Give us three words that best describe the brand.
Rebirth, Distinctive, Trendy

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
The skateboard look is the most dominant fashion style currently.

What trends are you tired of?
I would have to say the skinny leg jeans for men that I hope stays in its time frame.

What's next for Jeanisis Clothing?
Reaching new plateaus with the production of new ideas and new designs and definitely working to expand internationally in the future. So continue to follow and support Jeanisis Clothing.

Any words of advice or wisdom for someone trying to break into the industry?
Our words of advice are to follow your passion because whatever your dream is it does not become reality with out dedication. Fashion is a very competitive business to break into and it requires extreme patience. Just like any business you have to perfect your craft and once you do, the sky is the limit.