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Rivet De Cru: Young, Classic, Timeless

by Amanda Dawson
Rivet De Cru Jeans prides itself in being “Timeless premium denim in a world of constant change”. With a new product and wash every month, RDC has risen to the top, with stores all over the world and now RDC has its own patented R & V stitching for back pockets, which is immediately recognizable. "We treat our jeans like paintings, using the denim as our canvas, the washes as our medium, and the premium denim lifestyle as our inspiration for our design, to create the perfect pair of jeans," says Ruben Campos. An interesting, yet sensible cross between Premium European Fashions and Western America, these jeans are bound to stand out from anything else in our closet!

We chatted with Stephan Parylak, the Graphic Director for Rivet de Cru Jeans, about the brands current Spring/Summer and upcoming Fall Collection.

Explain the name.
Loosely translated into French, it means 'Vintage Rivet'. RDC also happen to be Ruben’s initials.

What was your inspiration for spring/summer?
We travel overseas quite a bit, Hong Kong and Japan for the most part, and the Fashion over there as you know, is on another level. The street fashion alone is of great inspiration, but that’s not all of course. The designs coming out of European lines are the ones we watch for. The trick is to keep a vintage look, but not look dated and still remain current. Ruben’s goal is to design that pair of jeans in your closet that you love, you know the one...the pair that you reach for and you know it looks good no matter what the fashion is dictating out there right at the moment, a timeless classic in a constant changing world.

Who is your ideal customer and why?
Someone who knows what he or she wants, and is in touch with current trends.

Give us three words that best describe the brand.
Young, Classic, Timeless.

How does RDC differ from other leading jean brands?
One look at our back pocket signature and you know you are looking at a pair of Rivet De Cru Jeans. We have patented our asymmetrical “RV” and it really sets us apart. Of course our wash developments are another element.

What do you think are the biggest trends right now?
Dark Denim has always been a staple, but the push toward the weathered and worn looks is evident, in lighter washes. Stains and mild blotches are a sure thing for this spring.

What trends are you tired of and which would you like to keep around?
Things move so fast now, trends are gone before you start getting sick of them. It keeps everything looking really fresh. I hope that what will remain is that “lived in” look, that perfect pair of jeans, that once you find you never want to change, and the more you wear them the better they get.

What's next for RDC Jeans?

Our Spring 2010 is already showing, and we are getting some great feedback, so we’re back to traveling to design fall. Also we may be looking at expanding into Tees; it seems like the logical thing. Gotta keep moving forward...

Any words of advice or wisdom for aspiring designers?
-Connections. It’s great and really exciting to become a designer, but a main thing to have are the stores in your pocket. You can have the best product in the world, but you still have to place it in the right venues.
Determination and Focus. It’s not an easy road but if you love what you do and have a real passion for it, it will show and you cannot help but succeed.

Where can RDC be purchased and for how much?
Right now you can purchase our jeans all over the US from New York City to Los Angeles. We are also sold in Canada from Montreal to Vancouver. We also are being sold in the UK and in Germany, and also in Harvey Nichols in Dubai. Our own website, is where you can also find a complete list of the store nearest you. Our price range is from $92 to $115. Customers can order by phone at 1-909-594-6676.