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Twinkle by Wenlan

by Amanda Dawson
TWINKLE BY WENLAN showcased its Holiday '09 and Resort '10 collections in a chic showroom on the 17th floor above the city. The light that poured through the windows added to the ambiance of beautiful clothes and jewelry. Racks hung garments full of blacks, stripes, and prints with splashes of yellow, green, and oranges. A tall thin model stood against the white walls as a photographer snapped photos for the lookbook, while mannequins flawlessly wore samples down the center of the showroom.

Jewelry hung long and chunky, full of bright colors that immediately drew ones attention. Unique necklaces with geometric shapes, plastic alligators, and reading glasses were the highlight. And the clothes? Drapery, pleats, and prints resembling bits of confetti proved the line to be very feminine with sexy flare. Sheer fabric with bits of shimmer was a perfect combination for Resort, light and shiny. With TWINKLE BY WENLAN's huge variety of silk dresses no woman will be left behind, there is surely something for everyone!