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Milano Fashion Week: Marios

Marios’s FW17 is designed around a provocative question. Can fashion support political or social issues? Can fashion and art actively work together on sharing ideas? Starting from the textile works of the polish artist Goshka Macuga, Marios develops a collection that entitles both sartorial details and social meanings.

The main inspiration came from 2 of the famous textile works of Goshka, with a strong political message, where Marios has used both front and back to create patterns and textures: the front becomes the figurative side, full of meaning, while the back is representing the abstract and tactile.

This idea of anatomy of the masterpiece has become the leading inspiration for the full collection, where the vision of each piece is totally seen from the other side: back to front, front to back.

The construction of a piece becomes the outside and the same is for inner lining or the weave of the fabric. Prints are the start for a double face concept or they are mirrored on the inside.

It this over turn estethics, the exclusive piece of art becomes accessible to a wider public. It becomes dynamic and it can be observed while worn, as a direct social one to one political message.